How much will my flowers cost?  How much should I budget?

This is absolutely the most common question, and for good reason!  Everyone has a budget they are trying to work with.  It’s also the most difficult question to answer without a lot of understanding of your needs and event size.  Every wedding and event are different and there really is a sliding scale depending on what you are looking for.  I am happy to give a general price range that MOST florals will fall in, and as we discuss what you are looking for and get a better idea of your dream day, we can get an estimate in place for your wedding specifically.

Bridal:  $80-$250
Attendants:  $30-$125
Bouts:  $7-$15
Corsages:  $15-$30
Centerpieces:  $25-$100

Remember, this is a general range that over the years I’ve found most brides will fall in.  Let’s get together and discuss what will fit your needs and get started on making that budget work for you!

When should I secure a florist for my wedding?

Brides should be looking at florists well before they need to book!  I tell all of my brides to visit at least 2 or 3, just to make sure you’ve found the right fit for you.  So, deciding on a florist may take a bit of time and you want to book that vendor, at the very least, 4-6 months in advance.  Florists book up just like your favorite venues, so don’t leave it to the last minute, and give yourself enough time to shop around to find your favorite!

I know what I want, but I don’t have the centerpiece containers.  Can I get them from you?

Absolutely!  Most brides have a vision of what they’d like, but don’t want to deal with going out to purchase multiple containers for their tables.  Besides that, what on Earth will you do with them when you’re finished??  You can definitely work this through the florist that you choose.  Usually there is a small rental fee within the cost of the arrangement, and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about hauling them all away later!

How can I make sure I stay in budget?

Being budget conscious is very important.  With so many lines on your “To-do” list, it can seem overwhelming and you can easily go over without attention to detail and helpful tips from many of your vendors.  When it comes to the flowers there are SO many beautiful alternatives to many of the historically expensive flowers that you see in many of the bouquets online.  It is definitely possible to get the look you want without top tier pricing, if that’s your goal. 

How should I prepare for my meetings with florists?

There are a lot of examples of bridal bouquets and table arrangements online through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and numerous other social media sites.  It’s a good start to pin some pictures that speak to you, or copy and save something that you absolutely love.  Bring these with you to your consultation and then you can pinpoint what you like best.  Is it the color scheme?  How about the shape and style of the bouquet?  Are you looking for something with your absolute favorite flower in it and have to have it?  Do you have an overall theme of English garden, Boho chic, elegant, romantic, tropical…?  Pictures will help to make sure that you and your florist of choice are on the same page!